Steve Kopera

Writer & Director

A Michigan native and graduate of Northwestern University,  Steve was a storyteller from an early age and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in filmmaking. He worked from the ground-up, volunteering as a production assistant on numerous independent productions until he eventually learned to write, direct, and produce his own films.

Prior to Boyne Falls, Steve directed The Cabining and My Friend Peter which both won several awards and festival acceptances worldwide. The Cabining’s distribution campaign included airings on Encore television and most major OnDemand outlets (Comcast, AT&T, Charter, DISH, DirecTV), plus VOD through iTunes and Amazon Streaming.

OREN Benamor

Director of Photography

Oren started his career in entertainment at the University of Maryland where he got a bachelors degree in Theatre Performance and Production. After developing a taste for directing and post production, he moved to Los Angeles to continue his education. Oren has been involved with many projects ranging from Feature Films, to TV, to short form sketches and films and continues to make a name for himself as an up and comer in Hollywood.

He currently directs for the national travel TV series "Official Best of" but still offers video production services to the LA area.

Brion Dodson

Production Designer

Hailing from Michigan, Brion Dodson is an artist, photographer, and founder of Captive8 Productions.

Jennifer Sadovsky

Costume Designer, Makeup Artist

Jennifer is an accomplished makeup artist, who has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment and fashion industries. Check out

Steve Sholtes

Composer, Sound Mixer

Steve Sholtes is a mild-mannered Detroit area composer, songwriter, producer, voice-over artist, sound designer, audio engineer, recordist, and "inventor" of the Pontiac Aztek mobile ADR booth.

He's also a master of about 1,000 different instruments (including the cowbell).

Michael Wilk

Art Director

Born and raised in the Detroit area, Wilk formed his own production company FERAL MEDIA in 2013 and proceeded to write and direct Kops (2014) and Bigfoots (2015).

Mike's feature directorial debut La Puesta del Sol is in development.

Mike is a long-time collaborator with the Kopera brothers, also serving as Art Director in the 2014 horror film The Cabining.